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Data Security

Data Security

We realize that your security is at the forefront of any recycling project. Data erasure is available on ALL projects. We use the latest combinations of hardware and software to far exceed recommendations set forth by the Department of Defense.

It doesn't stop there. Your information resides in many places other than your hard drives. It takes extensive industry knowledge to completely protect your data. We remove ALL data; Both digital and visual associations. We correctly remove your data from sources including: Hard drives, removable media, jump drives, routers, firewalls, PCMCIA cards and even memory.

GTA is now offering on-site data destruction on a National level. We will provide the service in your secure facility. Whether it is a rack of servers or an entire data center we have the capabilities to meet your requirements.


  • National Coverage
  • Drive Crushing
  • Degaussing
  • Shredding

Protection from loss of:

  • Identity
  • Sensitive Data
  • Trade Secrets
  • Personnel Records